Trees, animals, flowers... that which encompasses life and beauty. 

Birch trees are a favourite image in any size and round frames are perfect for showcasing a tree of life. 

Daisies, sunflowers, iris, poppies, lilies... I love flowers and I love creating them.

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Bright Sunflower
Black Eyed Suzannes
Birch Rows
Extra Large Irises
Polar Bear Melt
Contained Growth
Into the Forrest
Arizona Inspo
Birch Tree on Red
Birch Trees Sunrise
Blue Heron
Colourful Birch
Fido Sunrise
Friends at Night
Green Dragonflies
Norther Lights
Poppy Backsplash
Prairie Lillies
Purple Dragonflies
Tranquil Silhouette
Tree of Life
Sol Flower


What speaks to you? A soul spurring Sasky scene? Perhaps a jaw dropping Northern Light sky or a calm summer lake?  You will know it when you see it. 

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Arizona Sunset (Part 1)
Arizona Sunset (Part 2)
Arizona Sunrise (Full Image)
Summer Sasky Scene
Lake Days
Serene Scene
North Lights
Soaring Scenery
Prairie Set
Grain Elevator Set
Abstract Dragon Swirl
Custom Farm Scene
Abstract Prairie Swirl

Pet Portraits

Your furry friend captured in glass...what more can one say? The perfect gift for any pet lover. 

Standard size is 6”x8” for $99 (plus tax). Text or email me your best photos, your background color preference and the pet’s name and leave the rest to me!

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For those occasions where a hug is required...a celebration, a loss, a thank you or just to say “I love you”  I make them in all colours! You pick. 

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Taupe Heart
Grey Heart w Dragonfly
Grey Heart
Aqua Heart
Red Heart
Custom Heart
Extra Large Custom Heart

Fun & Funky

Live (and love) out loud!  Each piece exudes the joy that life holds and I would love to make a fun piece that makes you smile.

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Funky Prairie
Funky Houses
Beach Chicks
Prairie Lunch
Come Together
Funky Block
Funky Bird Family
Funky Tweets
Synchronized Funk
Funky Ice Sliders
Funky Hoot
Black Swan
Funky Fish
Ice Dancing
Song Bird Funk
Deep Sea Funk
Whale Funk
Funky Farm
$129 plus tax 8_x10_ Sisters Studio
$129 plus tax 8_x10_ Sisters Studio
$129 plus tax 8_x10_ Sisters Studio


It’s all about colour and layers and shapes. Perhaps organic and flowing? Maybe more linear and geometric? Go small or go big! Let these photos inspire you and we can work together to make the magic happen.

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Colour Wheel Tornado
Abstract Garden
Sculptural Tryptic
Rainbow Wall Sculpture
Taupe bolt
Organic aquas
Geometric Aqua
Giant Wave
Shattered Wall Tryptic
Eagle Feather
Black Tie
Organic Grey
Colour Explosion
Long and Lean
Aqua Organic

Corporate Gifts

It has been my honour and privilege to design and create presentation gifts and awards for many distinguished recipients over the years... The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce ABEX nomination awards, the University of Regina’s President Award and Distinguished Alumni Awards, the Sask. Young Readers’ Willow Award to name just a few. An original piece of art is a lasting and commemorative keepsake.

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University of Regina Presidents Award
University of Regina Distinguished Staff Member Gift
University of Regina Honorary Doctorate Award
University of Regina Honorary Doctorate Award
Saskatchewan Construction Association
North Battleford Chamber of Commerce
Saskatchewan Wheat Award
Saskatchewan Young Readers Willow Award

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